Get Bridge Classes into School: 4th grade and up. FREE!

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4th grade and older:

ACBL provides the textbook and a book bag to each student.  At the end of the 8 lessons we have a small tournament in the class and the top student gets a trophy.

ACBL pays the bridge teacher a small stipend to help compensate for the time.  So the class is free to the students!  I’d love to start a class in your school if you have at least 8 students in the class.  If you are in the greater Kansas City Metropolitan Area, I can probably fit you in to my schedule.

The classes are great as part of a math class or a gifted class.  They would work wonderfully in an after school program as well.  The classes are taught using the Bidding in the 21st Century series, which is a series of 8 two hour lessons.  It works best as 2 hour lessons, but we can modify it to work as 16 one hour lessons as well.  If you don’t live near me, contact ACBL to see if there is a teacher available in your area.