Declarer Play – Advanced Beginner

The bidding will be using what we’ve learned over the last few weeks, Jacoby 2NT, splinters, interference over an opening 1NT,  etc.  But then the hands that involve this bidding will have some interesting declarer play techniques as well!  Be prepared for anything!

Classes are at Holy Spirit Catholic Church
1800 SW State Route 150
Lee’s Summit, MO
Wednesdays, 1 to 3 p.m.

Cost $17 per class
These are advanced beginning courses with some advanced bidding concepts but then declarer play instruction will also involve some more advanced techniques.
Hand records for the hands we bid and play will be available with analysis.  Some textbooks to help in this endeavor will be available as well.

Just call (816-237-0519) or e-mail  to sign up.  Classes always cancel by the day before if not enough are signed up!

Nov. 14: Managing entries CANCELED

Nov. 28:  Is there a dangerous opponent?

Dec. 12:  Dummy reversal