Playing Lessons

Think about playing online with me in a playing lesson while we’re all stuck at home!  I also have twice a day, online supervised play during this period.  Call or email to find out about that.

I will play with you online in a 12 board tournament.  This includes a 15 minute phone call going over the convention card prior to the tournament followed by up to 20 minutes going over hands after the tournament.  Cost for this online play is $15 plus my entry fee.  Email, call, or text to set up a time and I’ll meet you online!

While Support Your Club games are on BBO, I will do playing lessons for my entry fee and $25 for these 18 board tournaments, with the same discussion before and after.

I am happy to provide a lesson by playing with you. For adults with fewer than 800 masterpoints, this means that I will meet with you for up to 1/2 hour before playing time to go over our convention card. I will play with you, noting the bidding sequence and leads as we play. I usually refrain from making too many comments during the actual playing time. I will then stay and go over some of the issues that occurred during the session, looking at hand records if available, for up to 1/2 hour. The cost for this playing lesson service is my entry fee and $35, or schedule a set of 3 lessons for just $90.

For adults with 800 masterpoints or more, I am happy to play with you for free if I can fit you into my schedule!

For high school age students and younger please see my scheduled rates on the Kids Bridge page.

Defensive Bidding and Card Play Classes

Classes are at MY HOME.  Due to Covid-19, classes have been moved to online for April 15-29 and to my home for May 13-June 10, with a maximum limit of 8 students.  Please send me an email or call to sign up and I will provide you with my address and directions if needed.

Wednesdays, 1 to 3 p.m. (May 13-May 27-June 10)
Cost $17 per class for in person classes, $15 online. YOU MUST PRE-REGISTER!
Just call (816-237-0519) or e-mail  to sign up.

Apr. 15: Suit Preference Signals  online Wed. 3:30-5:30 $15
Apr. 22: Opening Leads in Suit Contracts. online Wed. 3:30-5:30 $15
Apr. 29: Opening Leads at NT  online Wed. 3:30-5:30 $15
May 13:  Discard Signals
May 27:  Leading through Strength and to Weakness
June 10:  Review and Putting it All Together