Get Classes into School: 1st through 6th grade. FREE!

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1st grade through 6th grade:

ACBL provides a book bag to the students and pays the bridge teacher a small stipend to teach 16 hours of class. These classes are designed to get the students playing right away, without needing to learn how to bid first. They are a lot of fun and help the kids develop playing skills before the more math and logic oriented bidding skills are developed. These mini-bridge classes require 8 students minimum to a class. These are ideal for before or after school daycare as well as during the day.

Get Bridge Classes into School: 4th grade and up. FREE!

Interested in getting the classes into your school?

Click School Bridge to find out why your school should be doing this!

4th grade and older:

ACBL provides the textbook and a book bag to each student.  At the end of the 8 lessons we have a small tournament in the class and the top student gets a trophy.

ACBL pays the bridge teacher a small stipend to help compensate for the time.  So the class is free to the students!  I’d love to start a class in your school if you have at least 8 students in the class.  If you are in the greater Kansas City Metropolitan Area, I can probably fit you in to my schedule.

The classes are great as part of a math class or a gifted class.  They would work wonderfully in an after school program as well.  The classes are taught using the Bidding in the 21st Century series, which is a series of 8 two hour lessons.  It works best as 2 hour lessons, but we can modify it to work as 16 one hour lessons as well.  If you don’t live near me, contact ACBL to see if there is a teacher available in your area.

Bridge News

This was an interesting read – start kids playing cards!  I always recommend slap jack as a first game, kids as young as 2 can play that!  Play cards!

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Engineering Scholarship

This scholarship is not associated with Bridge but rather with Engineering, which was both my late husband’s profession as well as my own. It is available only to graduates of the Lee’s Summit Public High Schools, St. Michael The Archangel High School, or to Lee’s Summit residents who are homeschool graduates. If you are planning on majoring in Engineering, graduating from one of these high schools, and have some music performance in your background please consider applying. This scholarship is the Eugene J. Rolfe Memorial Scholarship available via online application through the Truman Heartland Community Foundation .  It is a $1000 scholarship renewable for an additional 3 years with a college GPA of 3.0 or higher while continuing to major in engineering.

Bridge Competition Scholarship

Normally Unit 131 holds a student competition at the Spring Sectional Tournament.  The students will play in their own section if there are at least 3 tables. If at least 10 students don’t participate, those attending will play in the 0-299 section with the adults. This is for students age 18 and younger with less than 20 masterpoints. Winners will be awarded masterpoints and the Unit provides a trophy to the top student winners as well. In addition, Kathy Rolfe is providing a $50 scholarship to the top winners residing within Unit 131 through the Rolfe Bridge Fund administered through the Truman Heartland Community Foundation. The cost of play will be $1 to play.  Contact Kathy via e-mail  or call 816-237-0519 to let her know you plan on playing.

Bridge Scholarship for Graduating High School Seniors

The Kathy Rolfe Bridge Scholarship is administered through the Truman Heartland Community Foundation. This $500 scholarship is open to graduating high school seniors who are former bridge students of Kathy Rolfe or to students of students. In addition, the applicant must have at least a B average and have earned at least 1 masterpoint (black, red, silver, or gold) and be a member of ACBL. The scholarship can be renewed for an additional 3 years if the recipient maintains at least a B average in post-secondary work and earns additional masterpoints (or fractions thereof) in each succeeding year. Applications are available through this website Truman Heartland Community Foundation.

So if you are interested in pursuing this scholarship and need practice or a partner to play at a duplicate club, keep informed about when Kids Bridge practice nights are being offered or call me when you are ready to go play duplicate. I’ll help get you started! I’ll play with you for up to 4 sessions, paying my own entry fee. For sessions 5 to 9, you’ll need to pay my entry fee. Beyond that, I charge $30 to play with me plus you pay my entry fee.


Holy Spirit Bridge Marathon 

Holy Spirit Bridge Marathon

2018 Spring-Summer ? Marathon at Holy Spirit

Prize for high each night – the cost of your play ($5) is returned to you. We keep a running total, and prize money for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd overall is paid on the last night.

You must commit to play for the entire Marathon, but you can arrange for substitute players on the nights you cannot be there.
Let me know if you are interested.
We start playing at 7 and are usually done before 10.
Play with the same partner every night,
but play against 3 different pairs of opponents each night.
To sign up call Kathy at 816-237-0519 or e-mail anytime.

Teacher of the Year Finalist: 2012, 2013, 2014, 2017

The American Bridge Teachers Association and Master Point Press established a process for nominating a bridge teacher of the year and selecting finalists and a winner.  The first award was given in 2010.  Kathy Rolfe was nominated for that in 2010 and again in 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2017.  In each of the years 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2017 she was a finalist.

You can read an interview done in 2012 here.

Some pictures from those finalist years are here:

Kathy is 2nd from right.
2012 ABTA/MPP Teacher of the Year Finalist
Kathy is 3rd from the right. 2017 Teacher of the Year Finalist.