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Unit 131 Mini-McKenney Award for 1500-2500 rank.
This is awarded to the player in the unit who earned the most colored masterpoints (Platinum, Gold, Red,Silver, or Black-does not include online mp wins) for the rank they held at the beginning of the calendar year. The competition was tough this year! Unit 131 is a tough unit with a lot of good players, one can see this when looking at rankings across ACBL, across District 15 and then across the unit. Percentage wise I am ranked a couple of points higher ACBL wide and District wide than I am in our unit!

My goal for the remaining months of this year and through the first quarter of next year is to hit the 2500 master point mark which would make me a Gold Life Master. Trying for this by my next birthday! Gonna need to hit a lot of tournaments!

Fundraiser at Culver’s!

The 14th Annual Scholarship fundraiser will be held at Culver’s at 1275 SE Oldham Parkway on Monday Aug. 5, 2024, from 5 to 8 p.m. 10% of all sales made will be donated to scholarship funds held with Truman Heartland Community Foundation.  The first fund is the Eugene J. Rolfe Memorial Scholarship Fund, providing $1500 renewable scholarships to Engineering students.  The next fund is the Rolfe Bridge Fund.  This fund provides  $500 renewable scholarships to Kathy’s students who have at least 1 masterpoint upon graduating from high school and who continue to add to the masterpoint holding while in college. The Bridge Fund also provides scholarships to students winning at the local Unit 131 Spring Tournament when a student section is offered.  You can read about these scholarships on this website or read and apply for them via the Truman Heartland Community Foundation.

We raised almost $500 with the Culver’s donation and private donations at the event last year.  Let’s beat that total this year!

Here’s a few pictures from last year!  A lot of former, current and future bridge students and players here!  (Sorry Dave and Jen-forgot to take your picture!)

Inter-Club Duplicate

Join us again in 2024?  Indian Hills Country Club, 6847 Tomahawk Rd., Mission Hills, KS.  Start time:  4:30. If you would like to play contact Kathy or Betsy Allen. Cost $15.  This is a shorter game; we are usually done by 7:15. 

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July 9 Game Results.  Hand Records for July 9

June 25 Game Results.  Hand Records for June 25

June 11 Game Results.   Hand Records for June 11

May 28 Game Results. (Bd 15 marked as NOT Played-scoresheet not found). Hand Records

May 14 Game Results.   Hand Records for bds 1-21

April 23 Game Results.   Hand Records

Remaining 2024 dates!

July 23

Aug 6

Sept. 10 & 24

Oct. 8 & 22

Nov. 12

(Remember for any game played with the dealing machines, you can always see detailed results of games you played in by going to the bridge plus server and (after creating a log in with your email and the pswd bridge)  click on RESULTS.  Once you’ve established that log in you can change the password.  This should work if you are an ABCL member, if not then let me know your email and I can get you set up as a member of our club for the dealing machine results.)


Call Kathy at 816-237-0519 or email her to sign up.

This is an invitational club with limited space.  You have to be approved to come before coming.

So enjoyed it when both my sons played together at the July 13, 2021 game! Hadn’t seen them together in over 18 months!


If you sign up for a class or supervised play and then must cancel, you will be charged 1/2 the cost of the class if cancellation is not done at least 24 hours ahead of the scheduled class time! This allows me to try to fill your spot or to decide to cancel the class, freeing up my schedule. Effective 5/8/24.

Classes are mostly online because the advantages to learning online are greater – ease of location, get to play more deals in the same time frame. Covid forced us to play and learn online but lo and behold, we found out we liked it! ALL CLASS TIMES ARE CDT.

Cost: $22 for each two hour class per person. Classes are normally in the 4 to 6 p.m. or 7:00-9:00 p.m. Central Time frame but other schedules can be arranged.

Just call (816-237-0519) or e-mail  to sign up.  Flexible scheduling for online classes.


Lebensohl Class Series: Coming in September! Let me know if you’re interested! Tues. and Thurs. with a week off in between the first two and last two classes. Sept 3,5,17,19 from 7 to 9 p.m. Sign up required! See details below!

Transition to 2/1 Series. Wed. 7 -9 p.m. Sept. 18,25. Oct. 2,9. Sign up required! See details below!

More details and Future Classes Listed Below!

Responding to an Opening 1NT: From Partscore to Slam!

Let me know when you want this class again! $22 per class, must sign up ahead!

Class 1: How to respond with 0-7 points or 10-15 points. This includes transfers, Stayman, Smolen, Garbage Stayman. These point ranges in response to an opening 1NT (15-17 HCP) are more about responder setting the level of bidding.

Class 2: How to respond with 8-9 points or 16+ points. Still includes Stayman, transfers, but also talking about 1430 Gerber, 1430 Roman Keycard, and Quantitative NT. The 8-9 pt and 16+ point ranges after an opening 1NT (15-17 HCP) include bids by responder that are more oriented to tell (or ask) and then ask a question.

Class 3: In this class we’ll spend more detailed time on Quantitative NT and 1430.

Class 4: Review and Puppet Stayman (for those who want to learn it).

COUNTING – A series of 4 two hour classes. Let me know when you want to see this class offered again.

Class 1: during the bidding and how it influences our bids.

Class 2: adding the play of the cards to what we already knew from the bidding.  Starting with just the first trick.  We’ll review defensive signaling during this lesson.

Class 3: keep counting- what the bidding, and play of the cards tells us till the end of the play.  Still need to keep in mind that defensive signaling!

Class 4: let’s mix it all up!  Review!

Slam Bidding:  April 18,25 May 2,9

Slam Class 1 & 2:  1430 Key Card, Quantitative NT, 1430 Gerber, Gerber, Control Bids, Minorwood. Two session series – each class two hours long. 

Slam Class 3 & 4:    Cost $22 per lesson.  More practice with 1430, control bids and minorwood.

Defensive Signaling and Card Play Remember that defense is 50% of the game! Get better at this and your game gets a lot better! Must sign up ahead! Cost $22 per class. Let me know when you want this class!

Class 1:  Attitude and Count  online
Class 2: Suit Preference Signals  online 
Class 3: Opening Leads in Suit Contracts. online 
Class 4: Opening Leads at NT  online 
Class 5:  Discard Signals & Leading through Strength and to Weakness & Review online

DRURY CONVENTION-Just one class of 2 hours. Let me know when you want this again!

What is Drury? A convention used to show a limit raise of partner’s. major suit when they’ve opened it in 3rd or 4th seat.

Can you bid Drury after an opponent’s bid or double? Sometimes, but sometimes not but then you may have other means of conveying your message.

How do you as opener rebid after partner’s Drury bid?

All of these questions and more will be answered!

BEGINNING BRIDGE CLASSES SERIES 1 – The Basics of Bidding and Play – no competitive bidding. Been a while since you played? LET ME KNOW IF YOU WANT IT!

5 Sessions – 1st session is free! Try it, you’ll like it! Class is limited to 8 students to allow for more personalized instruction.

Class 1: suits, trump, notrump, counting High Card Points, counting distribution points, playing to a trick, keeping track of tricks, a little about scoring, and a start on how to make the first bid.

Class 2: More on that first bid. Opening bids of 1NT and how to respond.

Class 3: Opening bids of 1 of a Major and a start on responding.

Class 4: Opening bids of 1 of minor and a start on responding.

Class 5: More on responding to opening bids of 1 of a Major.

Competitive Bidding:

Let me know when you’d like to see this class scheduled!

Class 1: One level and two level overcalls: making them, advancing them
Class 2: Opening Pre-empts and responses, Pre-emptive overcalls and advances
Class 3: How to keep competing after an overcall, including negative doubles
Class 4: Takeout doubles and advances, how to keep competing after interference caused by a takeout double

Transition to Two Over One (2/1) Cost is $22 for each class. Scheduled for Wed. 7 to 9 p.m. Sept. 18, 25, Oct. 2, 9! CALL OR EMAIL to sign up. Attend the ones you can!

Class 1: Responding to an opening Major with Support
Class 2: Responding to an opening Minor, Responding to an Opening Major without support
Class 3: More forcing responses to show support for a Major: Jacoby 2NT and Splinters
Class 4: Putting it altogether – understand when to use what!

DECLARER PLAY – Series 1 Cost $22 each class, attend the ones you can. Let me know when you want this again!

It is highly recommended that you purchase these books by Barbara Seagram and David Bird for these classes as well as the series 2 classes coming soon: “Planning the Play of a Bridge Hand” retails for $19.95 you can order from me for $19 including any sales tax,(s/h is extra), “Declarer Play at Bridge” retails for $15.95 you can purchase from me for $15 which also includes any sales tax (s/h is extra).

Class 1: Planning the Play in a Suit Contract – Count Losers and plan to eliminate them – 3 main ways to do that: Ruff in short trump hand, discard, finesse

Class 2: Review planning – Pay attention to entries, when to draw trump, which card to play first, loser on loser. Start on planning the Play in a NT contract. Count your winners, developing extra tricks in the safest way possible.

Class 3: More on NT Play – the hold up play, will holding up give them a chance to switch to a more dangerous suit, safe and dangerous hands, establishing a suit

Class 4: More NT play and then let’s start going deeper – double finesse, two way finesse – how to choose your direction? Plan your entries!

Declarer Play – Series 2

Class 1: More on drawing trumps and more on the dangerous hand

Class 2: More on the hold up play, useful in a suit contract as well as NT. Combine your chances.

Class 3: Gathering information before choosing the suit to try to establish.

Class 4: Counting the hands to give you a clue – counting distribution, counting HCP. Don’t take a finesse that is sure to lose.


Class 1: We’ll start by learning the DONT (Disturbing Opponent’s NoTrump) convention and how to advance partner’s overcall.

Class 2: We’ll talk more about how to overcome that overcall if we are the NT bidding pair. We’ll do that with some simpler techniques – if you want to get more complicated sign up for the Lebensohl classes.

Class 3: A brief intro to some other overcalling NT conventions, after seeing a few you can pick your favorite!

Reverses – what are they, when can you, should you use them? Cost $22. Sign up required! Let me know if you want this class!

Lebensohl Class Series: Coming in September! Let me know if you’re interested! Sept 3,5,17,19 from 7 to 9 p.m.

Class 1: Over natural 2 level bids
Class 2: Over 2 suited bids
Class 3: Over 3 level bids
Class 4: Responding to a double of a weak 2 and responding to a reverse

NEW MINOR FORCING: 2 sessions. Cost $22 per lesson. Call or email if interested in my scheduling this class again. What is it? When do I use it? Why do I use it? What do I need to have in my hand to use it? How does my partner answer me when I use it? They answered me, now what do I do?

Doubles Class is a four session series,

Class 1: Take out Doubles and Doubles as part of a sandwich NT

Class 2: Negative Doubles – you may think you understand this double, but do you?

Class 3: Lead directing doubles and Lightner doubles

Class 4: Responsive doubles, Support doubles (and redoubles)

Online supervised play for groups of just 4.  We play for one hour online. The morning sessions are at 10:45 Monday through Thursday. Cost is just $4 to me.    Evening sessions are frequently offered on Monday and Thursday as well from 6:30 to 7:30 on Monday and 7:00-8:00 on Thursdays at a cost of $4. To sign up, call or email me.  I send you a Zoom link so we can talk while playing the deals online.    You pay me via Paypal, Venmo, Apple Pay, credit card or a check.  We can work out those details when you sign up.

Bridge Competition Scholarship

At the Fall Sectional Tournament on Oct. 28, 2023 at 2 p.m.  we  had 6 current youth students and one former student (now all grown up) competing in the 0-299 masterpoint section.  There were 8 tables in play.

Charlie and Alex came in 3rd EW and 5th overall with a 54.39% game for .78 silver master points.  Robert and Rose came in 3rd NS with a 52.31% game for .47 masterpoints.  While Ana and Tom did not scratch they had a perfectly respectable game (better than mine!) of 46.22% for 5th EW.  For their efforts Charlie, Alex, Robert, and Rose will each receive a $50 Scholarship towards their post-secondary education when they graduate from high school.  Kathy Rolfe provides this scholarship through the Rolfe Bridge Fund administered through the Truman Heartland Community Foundation.

The students are pictured here:

From Left:  Alex, Rose, Tom, Ana, Robert, Charlie

From Left:  Kathy Rolfe (teacher) , Alex, Rose, Tom, Ana, Robert, Charlie

Next year we’ll see if we can get enough students to form their own student section.  The students will play in their own section if there are at least 3 tables. If at least 10 students don’t participate, those attending will play in the 0-299 section with the adults. This is for high school students and younger with less than 20 masterpoints who are members of ACBL. You can join ACBL at the tournament if not already a member.  Winners will be awarded masterpoints and the Unit provides a trophy to the top student winners as well. In addition, Kathy Rolfe is providing a $50 scholarship to the top winners residing within Unit 131 through the Rolfe Bridge Fund administered through the Truman Heartland Community Foundation. It will be free to play.  Contact Kathy via e-mail  or call 816-237-0519 to let her know you plan on playing.  NO Covid Vaccination Required!

The 2019 Spring Tournament hosted 3 tables for the competition bridge scholarship on June 1.  Finishing in first place were Peter Caughron and his grandmother Nancy Caughron (playing to complete the 3 tables) with a 60% game, picking up .92 Silver masterpoints and winning Peter a $50 scholarship when he graduates from high school next year.  In second place were Patrick and Michael Caughron with a 57.5 % game picking up .69 masterpoints and $50 each in scholarship money to be used this fall at their college.

Kids Bridge

Oh, the people you’ll meet!

What is Kids Bridge?

I give the younger students a place to play bridge with others who are just starting out as well.  All the players have completed at least a beginning set of  lessons.  The purpose is to give them the opportunity to practice and to speed up their play.  It is free!  You just need to sign up ahead of time.  Parents are welcome to stay and watch!  Call 816-237-0519 or e-mail to sign up and get directions.  This is usually held in my home, unless the numbers signing up require a larger space.  We hope to continue this starting some time in 2024.  After building up speed, for those who are comfortable with the idea, we plan to go play at some of the Duplicate Bridge Clubs in the area.


May 31, June 7,14,28, July 12,19, 26, Aug. 2, Aug. 9

Mo-Kan Bridge Academy is offering youth lessons and supervised play on Friday Mornings in conjunction with their duplicate game.   They will offer a 45 minute lesson from 9:30 to 10:15, snack break until 10:30, and then continuing lesson/supervised play until noon.  Any students the teacher deems ready for duplicate play may play in the duplicate game from 10:30 until about 1 for no additional charge if they wish, instead of playing in the supervised play until noon.  Cost is $5 per student ages 8 and up!  Adults are welcome to join the lessons for the same $5 as long as they bring a youth to learn too!  Any adults switching to the duplicate game will need to pay an additional $3.  This essentially gives the adults the lesson for free if they wish to play in the duplicate game.  Sign up ahead of time is required. No need to attend every session -Mo-Kan will provide instruction at your skill level!  Absolute beginners welcome.  See the 2024 summer flyer  or check out the Mo-Kan Bridge Academy website.  

Here’s some pictures taken at our last class of 2023.



I will play duplicate with you at a local club. The cost for this varies from free to $35, as follows: Kid prices: First 4 times I play with you, I’ll pay my own entry fee. Next 4 times I play with you, you’ll need to pay my entry fee. Playing with you time # 9 and above, you pay my entry fee and $35.


These kids had some fun in the spring 2022 Youth Lessons.


FALL 2019 HOMESCHOOL School Bridge Tournament

Playing hard in their end of class pupil game! Five Tables of kids ranging in age from 8 to 17!
And the winners are: Sophia & Clare with a 79.92% game, (1st Overall & 1st EW)! Miles & Joseph came in 2nd overall (1st. NS) with a 57% game.
3rd overall (2nd NS) with a 56.64% game, some of our youngest players Lucy & Charlie!
4th overall (2nd EW) with a 52.83% game, Isabella & Theresa

Hear why bridge for kids is fun for a lifetime, from one of our newest life masters., Brian Zhang.

A new Youth Bridge organization. Youth Bridge Association, run by youth to teach youth!

General Class Information


$140 minimum for two hour face to face classes can be formed at any time.  A minimum of 8 students per class allows me to teach with the regular cost for each student of  $17.50 per each  2 hour lesson.   Classes of 4 students can be arranged but the cost increases to $35 per student per lesson for the smaller class.  Additional costs may be included to cover the cost of instructional materials. If you’re interested and a class is not in the schedule to fit your needs, get some friends together and form your own class.  Just call (816-237-0519) or e-mail  to set it up.

Supervised Play in person is available on the 1st Wednesday. Check out Supervised Play.

Back to Face to Face classes! Hopefully you’ll be joining me again on Tuesday afternoons at the Jewish Community Center in Overland Park in the spring and summer. Let the JKC Heritage Center, Phone (913) 327.8000 know you want classes!

Cruise with Me!

I’m cruising again!

Oops!  Just thought I was-my April 2024 cruise got canceled!

My previous trip in 2022 was a lot of fun!

Phyllis Siegel, as the Mahjong teacher and assistant bridge teacher, and Kathy Rolfe, as the bridge teacher and director cruised the Indian Ocean from Dubai to Singapore between Nov. 26 and Dec. 10, 2022. 

Camel riding in the desert outside of Dubai, 2 days before the cruise.
visiting with a falcon after dinner
Burj Khalifa Tower-to the 148th floor in less than a minute.
Sri Lanka
White Nights!
Teacher with some of my beginners on the Azamara Quest
With Phyllis and some of our beginners.

Quiz Page

Week of May 29, Puzzle 9:

Answer to Puzzle 9

Week of May 22, Puzzle 8:

Week of May 22, Puzzle 8 Answer

Week of May 15, Puzzle 7:

Week of May 15, Answer to Puzzle 7

Week of May 8, Puzzle 6:

Week of May 8, Answer to Puzzle 6

Week of May 1, Puzzle 5: My answers assume 1NT opening is 15-17 HCP and 2/1 bidding system.

Week of May 1, Puzzle 5 Answer.

Week of April 24, Puzzle 4: My answers assume 1NT opening is 15-17 HCP and 2/1 bidding system.

Week of April 24, Puzzle 4 Answer

Week of April 17, Puzzle 3: My answers assume 1NT opening is 15-17 HCP and 2/1 bidding system.

Week of April 17, Puzzle 3 Answer.

Week of April 10, Puzzle 2: My answers assume 1NT opening is 15-17 HCP and 2/1 bidding system.

Puzzle 2 Answer

Week of April 3, Puzzle 1: My answers assume 1NT opening is 15-17 HCP and 2/1 bidding system.

Answer Puzzle 1 from Real Bridge: Page 1 is the Quiz, page 2 is the answer, so don’t look at page 2 until you have your answer.

Oh, the Places I’ve been!

I thought it would be fun to look at when and why I first played bridge in each of the 50 states and D.C., so call it 51. I’ve been to all 51, just haven’t played bridge in all 51 yet! Of course I’ve played outside of the U.S. as well so those places get a mention. If you’re interested in where, when and why I got my start in the states I have played bridge in, then click on these links!

Part 1. States 1 to 9, Years 1964-2005, MO-OH-KS-AK-WA-MI-LA-IA-CO

Part 2. States 10-16, Years 2006-2007, AZ-TX-IL-PA-HI-TN-MN

Part 3 States 17-20, Years 2007-2008, CA-NM-NV-MA

Part 4 States 21-25, Years 2009-2013, D.C.-OK-KY-FL-GA

Part 5 States 26-27, Years 2014-2018, RI-SC

Part 6 Foreign Travel and still to go.