Mo-Kan Bridge Academy

GAME RESULTS:  Next game MAY 31, 2024.  Sign up for future Friday games by 5 p.m. on the day before.   Games are held May into August.

This is an 18 to 21 board game, beginning at 10:30 and done around 1 p.m.  Games will cancel if at least 12 people have not pre-registered.  Vaccinations recommended.

See all game results here.

Mo-Kan Bridge is just getting started.   Their first duplicate game is offered at Holy Spirit Catholic Church in Lee’s Summit on Fridays, from 10:30 to 1.  There will be a variety of directors directing this game, but I will be the director for many of the games.  There will be both a novice section (for those with less than 50 masterpoints) and an open section, provided there are at least 3 tables per section.  If both sections cannot be run, then one combined open section with stratification will be played instead. Partners are guaranteed if you can’t find your own on any given day.  (This might mean you play with the director, in which case you would be playing in the open section.)

Cost is $8 or less.  Please check out the Mo-Kan Bridge Academy website for details on costs and this game.

Check out the website and donate to help bridge grow in our area.

check out the website for the Summer 2024 Youth Lessons.  Summer 2024 Flyer