Carriage Club Duplicate

Tuesdays again in 2021 at 5 p.m. at the Carriage Club. If you would like to play contact Kathy. Cost is $8.  This is a shorter game; we are usually done by 7:15.  At least for now, those attending the game will need to have had their Covid-19 vaccinations. 

Upcoming Dates:

Oct. 26

Nov. 9

Call Kathy at 816-237-0519 or email her to sign up.

This is an invitational club with limited space.  You have to be approved to come before coming.


Oct. 12 Game Results

      Oct. 12 Hand Records

SEPT 28 Game

Aug. 24 Game Results

Hand Records for 8-24 Game

Aug. 10 Game Results

July 27 Game Results

July 13, 2021 Game Results

So enjoyed it when both my sons played together at the July 13th game! Hadn’t seen them together in over 18 months!

June 29 Game Results

June 15, 2021 Game Results

May 25 2021 Game Results

May 11 2021 Game Results