Due to Covid-19, classes have been moved to online. Classes are still online, not so much because of Covid but because the advantages to learning online are greater – ease of location, get to play more deals in the same time frame. Covid forced us to play and learn online but lo and behold, we found out we liked it!

Cost: $20 for each two hour class per person. Classes are normally in the 4 to 6 p.m. Central Time frame but other schedules can be arranged.

Just call (816-237-0519) or e-mail  to sign up.  Flexible scheduling for online classes.

Defensive Signaling and Card Play (call or email to schedule a set of classes.) Call or email to let me know if you want me to offer this class again. Remember that defense is 50% of the game! Get better at this and your game gets a lot better! Thursdays, Sept. 8,15,22,29 and Oct. 6. 6:30 to 8:30 Central. Cost $20 per class, sign up for as many as fit your schedule!

Class 1:  Attitude and Count  online
Class 2: Suit Preference Signals  online 
Class 3: Opening Leads in Suit Contracts. online 
Class 4: Opening Leads at NT  online 
Class 5:  Discard Signals & Leading through Strength and to Weakness & Review online

BEGINNING BRIDGE CLASSES SERIES 1 – The Basics of Bidding and Play – no competitive bidding. Been a while since you played? Never played before? Either way, this is the class for you! SIGN UP NOW!

5 Sessions – 1st session is free! Try it, you’ll like it! Class is limited to 8 students to allow for more personalized instruction.

CLASS IS SCHEDULED Mondays, Sept. 12, 19, 26 and Oct. 3, 10. 7 to 9 p.m. COST is $20 each class; 1st class is free. If you like it you must pay for all 4 of the remaining classes even if you can’t make it to some of them.

Class 1: suits, trump, notrump, counting High Card Points, counting distribution points, playing to a trick, keeping track of tricks, a little about scoring, and a start on how to make the first bid.

Class 2: More on that first bid. Opening bids of 1NT and how to respond.

Class 3: Opening bids of 1 of a Major and a start on responding.

Class 4: Opening bids of 1 of minor and a start on responding.

Class 5: More on responding to opening bids of 1 of a Major.

Competitive Bidding:

Fall CLASS SCHEDULED!  Mondays Oct. 17,24,31, Nov. 7  7 to 9 p.m.  Cost is $20 per person per class.  Must pre-register!

Class 1: One level and two level overcalls: making them, advancing them
Class 2: Opening Pre-empts and responses, Pre-emptive overcalls and advances
Class 3: How to keep competing after an overcall, including negative doubles
Class 4: Takeout doubles and advances, how to keep competing after interference caused by a takeout double

Transition to Two Over One (2/1) Let me know when. you’d like to see this scheduled again!

Class 1: Responding to an opening Major with Support
Class 2: Responding to an opening Minor, Responding to an Opening Major without support
Class 3: More forcing responses to show support for a Major: Jacoby 2NT and Splinters
Class 4: Putting it altogether – understand when to use what!

DECLARER PLAY – Series 1 Scheduled! Online Thursday Oct. 13- Nov. 3, 7 to 9 p.m. Call or email to sign up! Cost $20 each class, attend the ones you can.

It is highly recommended that you purchase these books by Barbara Seagram and David Bird for these classes as well as the series 2 classes coming soon: “Planning the Play of a Bridge Hand” retails for $19.95 you can order from me for $19 including any sales tax and s/h, “Declarer Play at Bridge” retails for $15.95 you can purchase from me for $15 which also includes any sales tax and s/h.

Class 1: Planning the Play in a Suit Contract – Count Losers and plan to eliminate them – 3 main ways to do that: Ruff in short trump hand, discard, finesse

Class 2: Review planning – Pay attention to entries, when to draw trump, which card to play first, loser on loser. Start on planning the Play in a NT contract. Count your winners, developing extra tricks in the safest way possible.

Class 3: More on NT Play – the hold up play, will holding up give them a chance to switch to a more dangerous suit, safe and dangerous hands, establishing a suit

Class 4: More NT play and then let’s start going deeper – double finesse, two way finesse – how to choose your direction? Plan your entries.

Declarer Play – Series 2

Next series of classes: call or email to let me know you want this offered again.

Class 1: More on drawing trumps and more on the dangerous hand

Class 2: More on the hold up play, useful in a suit contract as well as NT. Combine your chances.

Class 3: Gathering information before choosing the suit to try to establish.

Class 4: Counting the hands to give you a clue – counting distribution, counting HCP. Don’t take a finesse that is sure to lose.

DISTURBING OPPONENTS NOTRUMP – let me know if you want this class offered again!

Class 1: We’ll start by learning the DONT (Disturbing Opponent’s NoTrump) convention and how to advance partner’s overcall.

Class 2: We’ll talk more about how to overcome that overcall if we are the NT bidding pair. We’ll do that with some simpler techniques – if you want to get more complicated sign up for the Lebensohl classes.

Class 3: A brief intro to some other overcalling NT conventions, after seeing a few you can pick your favorite!

Reverses – what are they, when can you, should you use them?

Two hour class – online, flexible scheduling!

Lebensohl Class Series:

Class 1: Over natural 2 level bids
Class 2: Over 2 suited bids
Class 3: Over 3 level bids
Class 4: Responding to a double of a weak 2 and responding to a reverse

Slam Bidding:  Let me know if interested!

Slam Class 1 & 2:  1430 Key Card, Quantitative NT, 1430 Gerber, Gerber, Control Bids, Minorwood.

Two session series – each class two hours long.  4 to 6 p.m.  4 students per class.  

Slam Class 3 & 4:  Call or email if interested in this series.  Cost $15 per lesson.  More practice with 1430, control bids and minorwood.

NEW MINOR FORCING: 2 sessions. Cost $20 per lesson. Call or email if interested in my scheduling this class again. What is it? When do I use it? Why do I use it? What do I need to have in my hand to use it? How does my partner answer me when I use it? They answered me, now what do I do?


Doubles Class is a four session series,

Class 1: Take out Doubles and Doubles as part of a sandwich NT

Class 2: Negative Doubles – you may think you understand this double, but do you?

Class 3: Lead directing doubles and Lightner doubles

Class 4: Responsive doubles, Support doubles (and redoubles)

I have added an online supervised play for groups of just 4 which will continue through at least mid-November 2022.  We play for one hour online. The morning sessions are at 10:45 Monday through Thursday. Cost is just $3 to me.    To sign up, call or email me.  I send you a Zoom link so we can talk while playing the deals online.    You pay me via Paypal or Venmo or a check.  We can work out those details when you sign up. Cost going up slightly next year – try it this year while it’s cheaper! See if you like it!

Oh, the Places I’ve been!

I thought it would be fun to look at when and why I first played bridge in each of the 50 states and D.C., so call it 51. I’m not there yet, but I’m working on it! Of course I’ve played outside of the U.S. as well so those places get a mention. If you’re interested in where, when and why I got my start in the states I have been to, then click on these links!

Part 1. States 1 to 9, Years 1964-2005, MO-OH-KS-AK-WA-MI-LA-IA-CO

Part 2. States 10-16, Years 2006-2007, AZ-TN-IL-PA-HI-TN-MN

Part 3 States 17-20, Years 2007-2008, CA-NM-NV-MA

Part 4 States 21-25, Years 2009-2013, D.C.-OK-KY-FL-GA

Part 5 States 26-27, Years 2014-2018, RI-SC

Fundraiser at Culver’s!

The 12th Annual Scholarship fundraiser was held at Culver’s at 1275 SE Oldham Parkway on Monday Aug. 8 from 5 to 8 p.m. 10% of all sales were donated to scholarship funds held with Truman Heartland Community Foundation.  The first fund is the Eugene J. Rolfe Memorial Scholarship Fund, providing $1500 renewable scholarships to Engineering students.  The next fund is the Rolfe Bridge Fund.  This fund provides  $500 renewable scholarships to Kathy’s students who have at least 1 masterpoint upon graduating from high school and who continue to add to the masterpoint holding while in college. The Bridge Fund also provides scholarships to students winning at the local Unit 131 Spring Tournament when a student section is offered.  You can read about these scholarships on this website or read and apply for them via the Truman Heartland Community Foundation.

We raised almost $500 with the Culver’s donation and private donations at the event.  Thanks so much for coming out, even if I didn’t get you on camera!

Here’s a few pictures!