Fundraiser at Culver’s!

The 11th Annual Scholarship fundraiser was held at Culver’s at 1275 SE Oldham Parkway this year on Wednesday, Aug. 25 from 5 to 8 p.m. 10% of all sales were donated to scholarship funds held with Truman Heartland Community Foundation.  The first fund is the Eugene J. Rolfe Memorial Scholarship Fund, providing $1500 renewable scholarships to Engineering students.  The next fund is the Rolfe Bridge Fund.  This fund provides  $500 renewable scholarships to Kathy’s students who have at least 1 masterpoint upon graduating from high school and who continue to add to the masterpoint holding while in college. The Bridge Fund also provides scholarships to students winning at the local Unit 131 Spring Tournament when a student section is offered.  You can read about these scholarships on this website or read and apply for them via the Truman Heartland Community Foundation.  Congratulations!  You helped us raised almost $500 for the scholarships from just this fundraiser, and a special thank you to those who donated whether they could be there or not.  Altogether we raised $608.12.

Kathy was there to visit and catch a few of you on camera!  Especially appreciated was the dine in visit from the five test equipment engineers (and their wives)  who used to work with Gene!