Carriage Club Duplicate

Join us again in 2023?  Location MAY change!Start time:  4:30? If you would like to play contact Kathy. Cost is undetermined at this time.  This is a shorter game; we are usually done by 7:15.  At least for now, those attending the game will need to have had their Covid-19 vaccinations.   VERY TENTATIVE DATES:

April 25

May 2 & 16

June 13 & 27

July 25 (and possibly July 11)

August 1 & 15

Sept. 12 & 26

Oct. 10 & 24

Nov. 7

(Remember for any game played with the dealing machines, you can always see detailed results of games you played in by going to the bridge plus server and (after creating a log in with your email and the pswd bridge)  click on RESULTS.  Once you’ve established that log in you can change the password.  This should work if you are an ABCL member, if not then let me know your email and I can get you set up as a member of our club for the dealing machine results.)

Nov. 8 Game ResultsHand Records

Call Kathy at 816-237-0519 or email her to sign up.

This is an invitational club with limited space.  You have to be approved to come before coming.

So enjoyed it when both my sons played together at the July 13, 2021 game! Hadn’t seen them together in over 18 months!

Mo-Kan Bridge Academy

GAME RESULTS:  Next game April 14, 2023.  Sign up for future Friday games by 5 p.m. on the day before.   

This is an 18 board game, beginning at 10:30 and done around 1 p.m.  On the 3rd Friday of each month we try to go out as a group to a local restaurant after the game.  Games will cancel if at least 12 people have not pre-registered.  Vaccinations recommended,  masks requested if not vaccianted. 

See all game results here.

Mo-Kan Bridge is just getting started.   Their first duplicate game is offered at Holy Spirit Catholic Church in Lee’s Summit on Fridays, from 10:30 to 1.  There will be a variety of directors directing this game, but I will be the director for many of the games.  There will be both a novice section (for those with less than 50 masterpoints) and an open section, provided there are at least 3 tables per section.  If both sections cannot be run, then one combined open section with stratification will be played instead. Partners are guaranteed if you can’t find your own on any given day.  (This might mean you play with the director, in which case you would be playing in the open section.)

Cost is $8 or less.  Please check out the Mo-Kan Bridge Academy website for details on costs and this game.

Check out the website and donate to help bridge grow in our area.

Supervised Play

Wednesday Wanna Play:
1st and 3rd Wednesdays 12:30 to 3 p.m. in my home in the Greenwood, MO area.  Next Wednesday Wanna Play:  April 5, 2023
Cost: $5 per person with light snacks provided.  All participants are required to be vaccinated.

You must register ahead of time.  I cancel by late Tuesday evening via email communication with fewer than 3 people signed up.  Call Kathy at 816-237-0519 or email her to sign up and get directions if you need them.

Monday Minglers

We play on Mondays from 12:30 to 3:00 at my home in those weeks when Wednesday Wanna Play is not offered. Beverages and snacks provided.  Cost is $5.   You must sign up ahead of time.  I cancel by Sunday evening if not enough have signed up.  Next Monday Mingler will be April 10, 2023.    

I have added an online supervised play for groups of just 4. We play for one hour online. The morning sessions are Monday through Thursday at 10:45.  Afternoons  are reserved for playing in 12 or 18 board games online. Check out playing lessons with me.  Playing lessons run either $15 or $25 online.  For supervised play, cost is just $3.50.  Evening sessions for a private group of four can be arranged at a cost of $4 per person or I usually offer an evening supervised play on Mondays and Thursdays from 6:30 to 7:30, that you can also take for just $4 each.  To sign up, call or email me.  I send you a Zoom link so we can talk while playing the deals online.    You pay me via Paypal,Venmo, credit card or a check.  We can work out those details when you sign up.

Playing Lessons

Think about playing online with me in a playing lesson while we’re all stuck at home!  I also have once a day, online supervised play during this period.  We play for an hour at 10:45 Monday through Thursday, Central time.  Call or email to find out about that.  Cost for that is just $3 per person, to me.  

I will play with you online in a 12 board tournament.  This includes a 15 minute phone call going over the convention card prior to the tournament followed by up to 20 minutes going over hands after the tournament.  Cost for this online play is $15 plus my entry fee.  Email, call, or text to set up a time and I’ll meet you online!  An 18 board tournament is $25 plus my entry fee.  

I am happy to provide a lesson by playing with you. For adults with fewer than 1000 masterpoints, this means that I will meet with you for up to 1/2 hour before playing time to go over our convention card. I will play with you, noting the bidding sequence and leads as we play. I usually refrain from making too many comments during the actual playing time. I will then stay and go over some of the issues that occurred during the session, looking at hand records if available, for up to 1/2 hour. The cost for this playing lesson service is my entry fee and $35, or schedule a set of 3 lessons for just $90.

For adults with 1000 masterpoints or more, I am happy to play with you for free if I can fit you into my schedule!

For high school age students and younger please see my scheduled rates on the Kids Bridge page.